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The Doctor's® NightGuardAdvanced Comfort®

A moldable, custom fit dental protector that helps prevent damage from teeth grinding.

  • Patented two-layer design includes a soft top layer to cushion and absorb and a firm bottom layer to prevent grinding
  • The patented slanted front provides more comfort by keeping material away from lips and gums
  • Custom, guaranteed fit
  • Slim and flexible design that helps you sleep comfortably    


Prep, Heat and Fit.
Watch the instructional video for step by step directions.


  • The Doctor’s® NightGuard Advanced Comfort® is a moldable dental protector indicated for protection against bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding. It is similar to the dental protector prescribed by many dentists for nighttime teeth grinding.
  • The patented, 2-layer design is intended to reduce damage to teeth and to prevent the noise caused by teeth grinding.
    • The softer upper layer, when heated by water and briefly cooled, can be molded to fit comfortably around your upper teeth, forming a cushion.
    • The hard base layer prevents bite-through from moderate or severe grinding (bruxing).
  • After fitting, it conforms to your teeth and will stay in place through the night.

Replacing your NightGuard®:

  • The life of your dental protector will vary based on the force of your teeth grinding. It should last approximately six (6) months.

3-Step Quick Fit Method

Step 1: Prep

What you Need to Begin:

  • A microwave: Standard (non-convectional) to heat the water
  • A microwave-safe coffee mug
  • A clock or timer
  • A slotted spoon: for placing and removing the NightGuard® from the hot water
  • A non-metallic object: such as a small wooden spoon, chopstick, or popsicle stick to prevent the water from over-heating.
  • A small plate: on which to let the dental protector cool on before fitting
  • A mirror: to aid in the fitting process

Step 2: Heat

  • A microwave:Standard (non-convectional) to heat the water
  • Fill coffee mug half full with tap water.
  • Place a non-metallic object such as a small wooden spoon, chopstick, or popsicle stick in the water.
  • Microwave the water for 3 minutes. Let stand for 30 seconds. Remove the mug from microwave.
  • A slotted spoon: for placing and removing the NightGuard® from the hot water
  • Using a slotted spoon to keep hands away from hot water, immediately place your NightGuard® face down (grooved side down) in the hot water for 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, use the slotted spoon to remove your NightGuard® from the hot water. Place it on a plate, sticky channel side up. Let cool ten seconds and proceed with fitting. 

Step 3: Fit

1. Bite Down Firmly:

  • Using a mirror as a guide, center the NightGuard® in your mouth. Make sure your front teeth are slightly behind the front edge and bite down firmly. Sink your teeth as far into the soft material as possible. Try not to let the biting process push it forward.

2. Mold the outside:

  • With your teeth clenched, use your thumbs to firmly press the soft material sideways into and against the outside of your teeth all the way around your mouth. Pushing the material sideways into your teeth and not up and into the gums is important for a correct fit.

3. Mold the inside:

  • Open your mouth and use your thumbs to firmly press the soft material sideways into and against the inside of your teeth all the way around your mouth.
  • After the material has been pressed into the sides of the teeth, continue biting down firmly for at least 30 seconds.

You will know that you have successfully completed the fitting process if the NightGuard® stays on your upper teeth when your mouth is open.

If the length of the dental protector extends beyond your back molars, the dental protector can be shortened by using sharp scissors or a sharp knife.

If you do not achieve a fit that stays locked in place, the product should be fit again. To fit the product again:

  • Using a microwave or stove top, heat just the water as was initially done in the fitting process. Place the dental protector into the hot water for around 20 seconds, or until you can mold the soft material
  • Wait until it has cooled slightly and mold the plastic back to resemble the original product. The product can be placed back into the hot water for around 20 seconds, or until you can mold the soft material.
  • Let the NightGuard® cool to room temperature, and then repeat the fitting instructions

Care & Cleaning

Proper care of your NightGuard® will extend its life. 

Clean your dental protector: 

  • For best results, use Fresh Guard® by Efferdent®, specially formulated to clean Removable Braces, Retainers and Mouth Guards like The Doctor’s NightGuard®
  • Use Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent® daily to help keep your NightGuard® fresh as new.

Do Not Use:

  • If you are under 18 years of age.
  • If you wear braces, dentures, or other dental products.
  • If you can wiggle any of your teeth.
  • If your dentist has told you that you have TMJ.
  • If you have any tooth or jaw pain or pain with bruxing or tooth grinding.
  • As an athletic mouth guard. Product does not absorb shock.
  • For more than three months without consulting your dentist. 

Ask a Dentist Before Use If You Have:

  • Loose fillings, loose caps or cavities with no fillings.
  • Clicking of your jaw.
  • Jaw pain, teeth pain, face pain, or have a hard time chewing.
  • Two or more missing teeth.
  • Mouth sores.
  • Gum disease or bleeding gums.
  • Serious breathing, respiratory, or other health problems

When Using This Product:

  • See your dentist every six (6) months.

Stop Use and Ask a Dentist If:

  • Your same symptoms last even after several weeks of use.
  • The product easily falls out of your mouth. The product causes you to gag or feels uncomfortable.
  • You have bleeding gums, soreness, or other reaction inside your mouth.
  • You notice new symptoms (jaw pain, teeth pain, ear pain headache neck stiffness, or joint clicking) because of the product.
  • You have loose teeth or a change in your bite that lasts more than a few minutes after taking product out.

Guaranteed Fit

  • To seek fitting support, simply call our toll-free number at 1-800-592-6661 and a trained representative will assist you. Representatives are available 8 am – 8 pm EST Monday – Friday.
  • If you are still not satisfied with the fit and comfort of The Doctor’s® NightGuard Advanced Comfort® dental protector and you would like to try to fit it again, we will send you a new one.

The doctor’s® nightguard advanced comfort®

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